Friday, September 11, 2009

Better late than NEVER right?

Tuesdays weigh in was disappointing. Up 0.6 lbs. OK not horrible as I know it was water weight.(my legs were swollen) but not down either. I'm hoping for better this week.

I do need to get some riding time in this weekend. All my exercise this week has been garden related. However the tomato plants are loving being up off the ground and safe from the slugs and somewhat safer from the chickens. Our chickens only eat the little Sungold orange cherry tomatoes. How ever those they LOVE. Good thing I planted way too many again this year. I think I have about half the tomato sauce I need for the year. Lots more tomatoes that are not quite ripe. Not as good as last year but doing OK. The green beans are producing enough to freeze some and the kale, Swiss chard and collards are all doing very well and I've prepped and frozen some but need to freeze more as DH loves them. DH dug another bed and I need to figure out what crop to to plant there for early spring harvest.

Maybe a good ride tomorrow. I think I can talk DD into going with me.... After we clean out the car for the astronomy night tomorrow. Telescope won't fit in along with her friend if we don't clean it all out!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's a record!

199.4 lbs as of my weigh in on Tuesday! I finally made it to my goal of anything below 200 lbs. that means I'm down 38.8 lbs. I'm also short on time today so I'll try to add to this later. School has started so DD is using my computer for online school till we get hers set up.