Saturday, May 30, 2009


Feeling a bit yucky today as I ate too much. Not really too many points, but to much bulk of low point foods. My stomach doesn't go large bulk well any more. It seems to cause reflux and gas. Not fun. Tomorrow I need to get out on the bike today I didn't get out and I can feel it. I did get some house work done though. Not as much as I wanted but better than it was anyway.

I have in the last few day realized that I'm not the person I was. I'm still not who I want to be but I am, I think, headed in the right direction. It's progress. Slow but progress none the less.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Motivation, trailer trial #2 fully loaded, and Share the Road

Last Tuesday at the WW meeting we talked about motivation. We talked about positive and Negative motivation and what works and when it works. Yesterday I really felt what Both positive and negative motivation are all about.

A year or so ago riding to the church 4.4 miles away ( both where we go and where WW meetings are) took 45 minutes and left me read faced sweating and nonfunctional for a good 30 min or so Every hill was a punctuated by under the breath cursing. (negative motivation I needed to lose weight)

Tuesday (30 lbs lighter) I rode and even though it was warm it took less than 30 minutes, I wasn't sweaty and didn't swear at the hills at all. (Positive Motivation, I feel better) T

Then there was last night. I loaded up the trailer with about 60 lbs of stuff (It was our turn to feeding homeless teens, and DH needed to work so we took his killer 15 lb laptop) and Off I went back to church. I thought I might be in trouble by the time we got about 1/2 mile down the street but people were counting on me to be there with food at a certain time so no time to turn back. I can tell you I was right back to that 45 minutes read faced sweat drenched swearing crazy person I was a year ago. The good news is I made it. I hauled 2 times the excess weight I used to carry around on my body. It felt good that I could. I didn't give up and ask to be rescued. Now I remember exactly what it felt like when I started. And more importantly how much better I feel now with 30 lbs less to haul around and better fit too.(Positive motivation for sure)

Speaking of fully loaded trailer test....
I can honestly say that pulling a fully loaded trailer makes you not notice headwinds or tailwinds. Yep it was tough and I have a long way to go before I'm ready to haul that load on a bike tour also a lot of hill work to do before trying to pull it in the hills. I was using all my gears and the lowest are hard to balance going that slow! I also need to figure out how to get water bottles on my bike. not being able to stop for a drink is brutal in 90 degree weather.

The trailer it self did good. My biggest problem is learning where the wheels are behind em as the trailer has 2 wheels side by side and the bike doesn't and I can't see where the trailers tires are. I also get hung up going around corners sometimes by catching the wheels on something I go around. (never when riding just when parking etc) This leads to having to swing wider around road hazards such as glass and metal chunks and way wider around dead skunks! The only moment of concern was on the way home, about 25 lbs lighter, going down hill. I was going pretty fast and hit a rough patch no problem for the bike but the trailer did a little bounce. No problems with control on the bike, just a little disconcerting. I hope I never hit a pot hole with a trailer tire! I also wonder a bit about my breaks, on the down hills fully loaded I get going pretty fast. I'm sure it's just me being nervous and I'll get used to it.

What really made me nervous was the car driving idiots that were not playing nice and sharing the road. A bit over a mile from home a pizza delivery guy turned right in front of DH and DD and could have easily creamed them had DH not been watching. Why he thought his time was more important than DH and DD's lives I'll never know. The second idiot waited for DH to cross the intersection then turned left in front of me as I was heading into the intersection. Again he needed to turn and could risk my life to save himself the 15 sec he would have had to wait for the intersection to clear. Again MY LIFE was worth less to him than the few seconds he saved making an illegal and unsafe turn. (BTW all this while we were properly using the bike lanes and following all the traffic rules.) Oh well we did survive. I am thinking about calling around to the local pizza delivery companies and asking the managers to have a discussion about watching for bikes in the bike lanes and sharing the road. Probably won't help but I would be able to blow off some steam.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another reason to ride a bike.

I rode my bike the the grocery store about 2.2 miles away. I was on the way back with the groceries. Near the grocery store on opposite side of the street is an assisted living home. Across the street is the restricted section for memory impaired people.

In front of the memory impaired home was an old man ( probably 80+) one foot on the curb one on the grass and both hands on the grass trying to step off the curb without falling. He was returning home after visiting his wife in the memory impaired home. He couldn't step down 5 inches to the street safely, but he was visiting his wife who was unable to live in the assisted living home with him. He was trying to cross a busy road by himself. I stopped and helped him, bike on one arm him on the other, taking 3 inch steps and guarding him from traffic all the way across the street to his assisted living apartment. He kept telling me his story and how wonderful I was to help him get home.

If I had rushed to the store and back in the car, I wouldn't have been there to help him. I made pedaling 4.4 miles well worth the trip. I hope someone watches out for him on all his future trips to visit his wife.

Sometimes slowing down is just the right thing to do.


I got my water pills refilled yesterday and am down 2 lbs today. So I guess we now know exactly why I was up 1.6 yesterday. I really must keep on top of taking my medications.

Of course I also need to get more exercise. I did track yesterday and was on my feet a good part of the day as well as riding 4.4 miles each way to WW and back yesterday. I was also a good girl and logged everything I ate.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1.6 the wrong way...

That would be a 1.6 lb gain.

What did I do wrong. Pretty much everything. Not enough exercise,I didn't track my food, and I ran out of my perscription for waterpills. Mostly I think it's the lack of water pills. I think I did pretty good food wise. I didn't ride nearly as much as I should have. Only one trip to the grocery on the bike and today to WW for weigh in. (too little too late!) I did do some though not a lot of gardening.

I really need to step up the exercise and get the water pils filled and Yes LOG food. Every bite. I'm really going to have to fight to get below 200 lbs and I still 9.6 lbs to go. I need to re-motivate myself and get busy if I'm going to make that goal any time soon. Early on I coudl lose that much fairly quickly. Not so much now, I need to work at it. And frankly I need to work a lot harder than I have been. I do feel better. I wore size 18 pants for the first in a long time this week. But that isn't good enough. I swore in the beginging that good enough wasn't this time. It's not. It is however, time to quit patting myself on the back and get back on track and make the next goal, get below 200lbs.

So this week I'm reassesing my points target. Logging food, getting more exercise. I want to get at least 25 miles on the bike this week. It's do able. 50 may not be but 25 should be. Next week I want to be down at least as much as I was up this week. (1.6 lbs.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trailer trial #1!

I took the Burley trailer to the grocery store today. I didn't real need it. I've carried that much stuff in my bike bags before. (2 gallons of milk, 80 count box of kitchen trash bags, mustard,family sized box wheat thins a couple of other minor odds and ends) But the idea was to try out the trailer not see how much I could haul.

Riding there with an empty trailer was a bit like having a mild head wind on the uphills and a mild tail wind on the down hills and a little jingling form the trailer Assembly. No huge difference. I did notice parking was a bit different as I had to do a tight U turn to get to the bike rack and to avoid having a trailer to be tripped over I unhooked it and parked ti along side the bike at the rack and managed to lock it to my bike and the rack. I may chose to get a longer cable to make that a bit easier. I did notice that I need to be careful to stay a bit farther form the curb than I normally am but we fit well in the bike lane. It's also a bit harder to have to worry about glass and tires being a different width behind you. Probably not an issue so much with a trike as the wheels are close to the same as the front wheels on the trike. Of course you have that pesky center back wheel so over all about the same. I wonder if we can convince the state of Oregon to require the sweeping of bike lanes instead of sweeping the debris from the traffic lanes into the bike lane.... Yeah that's what I thought. I may be spending more time in the car lanes due to road hazards in the bike lanes.

On the way home I felt it a bit in the thighs going up hill. not horrid but definitely slower and will need to work on those muscles. But not as bad as it was on the same hill when I was 30 lbs heavier. So yes work but OK. I did feel like it slowed me down a bit but since my bike computer is in need of battery replacement I really don't know for sure. Down hill wasn't an issue and I was a bit worried about control, stability and stopping with a load but I didn't have any problems other than finding out that I need my front brakes adjusted as they make an awful noise. All in all a successful first outing. We may take the trailer next week when we cook for the homeless teens rather than taking the car. Over all I'm very pleased with handling ease of hookup etc. I think it will be a great addition to the family in day to day life.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weigh-in surprise...

I'm down 30.2 lbs! I was hoping to be back where I was before vacation but I was actually down 1 lb more than that.

I guess all that riding has been good.

Monday, May 18, 2009

More riding! More gardening!

Well on the 16th we did about 8 or a bit more miles riding to complete some chores and shopping. That's DH and DD on the tandem, and me on my bike with bike bags for the shopping and carrying parts. Later I realized that I should have had DH hook up my trailer so I could try it out. Some days I'm not very bright. Especially since I did another Grocery trip of 4.4 miles later that evening. So 12-13 miles on the 16th.

Yesterday (17th) after church we did a 31 mile "pleasure ride" just DH and I on the tandem. Well it was mostly pleasure I really enjoyed riding with DH but the Tandem isn't really a good fit for me. I had some "saddle" issues as did DH. He really needs a better saddle on the tandem! I had a good saddle but again the bike fit issues ( even though we adjusted a bunch of things before teh ride and a few more durring the ride) and I ended up with a VERY sore tailbone. (I had a broken tailbone in my early 20's and it can give me problems from time to time.) Once again I kept having to ask for some coasting time to re-adjust myself on the saddle and a few breaks to allow better blood flow. I am thinking that some day I may need to go to a shop and have them so a bike fit. Really I think even DD may be outgrowing the tandem as she is only about an inch shorter than I am.

Not bad 43 miles or so this week. 50 last week. Maybe I can get in another 7 miles and try for 50 a week. I'd like to set up a route or two that are about 25 miles and try to get about 50 miles a week in. If I break it into 25 mile trips maybe I will enjoy it more with out so much seat pain.

Today's exercise has been mostly gardening as I needed to get some more plants in the garden that I bought the other day. Broccoli lettuce and Zucchini. Something has been eating my zucchini and pumpkin plants. They just seem to disappear over night. I put out slug bait but 2 of the pumpkin plants got munched after I put out slug bait. Grrrr. I found some holes that are about 2-2.5 inches across and seemingly bottomless when I try to run water in them. No hills just open holes. I thought maybe they were from my friendly garter snakes but now I'm wondering if it's something less friendly.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I must ride!

I must put the bike on the trainer tomorrow. I need a good ride. I really missed it today. My neck is tense. I don't want a big laps in riding as I did so well in CA last week.

Back in Oregon, weigh in, shorts a ride to plan and a question...

We're home! After the warm (upper 80's) weather in central CA we are back to our cool (mid 50's) and rainy Oregon weather. I guess the bike goes on the trainer again this evening after I get all the trip stuff cleared out of the living room. It's nice to be home even if the weather isn't quite as great as it was in CA.

This weeks weigh in like lasts occurred right after a 660 mile car trip but was slightly better even though I was still retaining a lot of water. I'm down 0.8 lbs from last week. That is still 211.6 and is a total of down 24.4 lbs over all. Of course since weigh in day I'm down about 2.5 more due to water loss. Next week I'll believe what ever the scale says. It's especially hard to believe the gain because I rode my bike for over 50 miles last week. Granted I wasn't home and eating right was a challenge but I still think I did fairly well.

While in CA I found some shorts that I don't mind wearing. Most shorts because of my big belly and small thighs are tight in the waist and baggy in the rear and legs. Danskins makes a stretchy exercise short that will fit around me and not bind but isn't baggy in the thighs! They have the added bonus of having flat seams so they won't rub while riding. No pads but they will work for shorter rides and general wear as well as being fairly cheap so I'm happy. After looking them up online I find that they are called bike shorts.

A few years ago I bought my dad some books on bicycle tours on the Pacific Coast. He offered them back to me unread last week. So I took them! I'm starting to read them and also looking at some Oregon Coast bike maps. I'll be looking for a few short practice rides before we decide on a firm "big ride" later. Lots of cool stuff but you really need to compare maps books and other info to get good info to plan a ride. This is fun.

I jokingly told DH that I wanted to try to get Terra Trikes to sponsor my weight loss and big ride. Actually it was a great idea but I just can't figure out any real reason why they should. Honestly what would be in it for them? It's not like I could offer them blog advertising... Well I could but I have about 3 regular readers and a few friends that pop in occasionally. Not much to make it worth their time and money. I could wear a t-shirt for them... I am wide enough to carry a good message. Not that I'd ask for a lot. Maybe a discount on a trike when I get to goal or maybe trike goodies. It'd just be cool to be able to say the company of the trike I want is my sponsor. So the question, What can I offer Terra Trikes that might get them to sponsor me?

Friday, May 8, 2009

OK I have a confession to make....

Here in the central valley of California I'm loving riding my bike. I really miss it when I can't put in an hour or so. I hope that I can keep loving riding when I get home and hit the hills again.

Today I restricted a bit because of the sunburn and the bright sunshine out side. I'm one of those fair skinned, freckled people that burn like really bad. Normally I avoid the sun. Long pants, long sleeves, swim suit cover ups, etc. are not due to hiding all the excess weight, they are burn prevention. (the hiding is just a side benefit) Sun screen doesn't seem too effective most of the time. I've been know to burn in the shade. In the sun I fry.

I really need to find something I can wear in the heat while riding that covers my legs and arms completely. I found my self sitting in a recliner with my legs up trying to get the swelling in my burnt areas to go down last night. From about 2 AM till 6:30 AM I was sleeping in Dad's recliner. This morning I am much improved, the swelling nearly gone, but sunlight still burns like crazy. Maybe I'm part vampire.

I do have a pair of long pants that are fairly soft inside that I may be able to wear for a short ride tonight. I had to go buy some shorts to keep the pants from rubbing the still very sore skin I borrowed shorts from my Mom yesterday. Maybe this evening I can get Dad to go for a short ride with me. DH is in Santa Cruz getting ready for a 600K ride that starts in the AM so he can't go with me and the girls are at a Girl Scout meeting tonight.

Tonight I'm relaxing in prep for chasing kids all over Marine World tomorrow. 12 hours of chasing a 4 year old and a bunch of brownies/Jr girl scouts all over Marine world vs. 600 K ride. Yeah I think he's still burning more energy, but I'm also pretty sure he wouldn't volunteer to trade places with me. I will be wearing long pants and a tank top with a light weight man's shirt over it and hoping for the best weather wise. (cool and breezy please!) Darn. I just realized I forgot a hat and will need to buy one.

I finally got rid of most of the water weight from traveling this week, just in time to go back, but it looks like maybe I stayed fairly flat in the weight department if you ignore water weight. Here's hoping that I can maintain, or at least not gain.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My limit and weigh in...

I asked DH to ride with me to see how far I could go on the wonderful flat land called the central valley of California. He needed to pick up a couple of spare tubes in Stockton about 17 miles away so I decided to ride along. He decided to humor me. Actually I did pretty well in 17 miles we only had a change of about 15 feet elevation.( if you ignore the 2one killer overpass and the one baby over pass) It's pretty flat here. We got there with only one swear word from me about 1/2 way up the nasty overpass. We bought the tubes at the bike shop, ( buy 2 get one free!) ate lunch at the near by Safeway and refilled the water bottles then headed home. So far so good. The legs and lungs were were holding out pretty well. Excepting the Killer overpass. DH stopped at the top to wait for em them when he heard me call him thought I said go on... and he headed down the other side actually I was hoping he'd wait and give em a drink and possibly CPR. About 10 miles later I started feeling the saddle, and the heat. So we are calling about 27 miles and 85 degrees heat as my limit on flat land. Too bad the ride was 34 miles and about 90 degrees. DH humored me and stopped in frequent shady spots to give me water as I was over heating. ( We had to take the bottle cage off my bike to put it on the rack of the car to get to CA.) We also stopped to buy some very nice strawberries at a tiny stand on the edge of a strawberry patch. The guy was very nice and gave us extra berries to munch on while we rested. I made it home but DH had to help me get off the bike as my tail bone was very much not happy. The skin on my arms and knees are fried. DH laughed and said Finally he wouldn't be alone in the biker tan look. Little does he know anytime I burn I peel. Any "tan" will be fleeting. I didn't bring any shorts except my bike shorts so I'll need t go buy a pair as it really isn't comfortable to wear long pants today. I know I'm such a wimp. As for why I didn't bring shorts... I only have one pair and they are several sizes too big.

As for weigh in....
I will start with all kinds of disclaimers...Not my WW scales (not sure if they calibrate with Oregon probably but you never know), not my normal time of day( 5:00 PM not 9:00 AM), different clothes jeans not bike shorts and I've been retaining LOTS of water this week so who knows what the real reason is but I'm up 3.2 lbs. I'm not changing my ticker because I really think it's water weight as you can see it in the legs and face. Next week when I weigh in may not be better as I always retain a lot of water after a long car trip. Oh well any way you look at it eventually I'll be down when I lose the water.

Family trip is still going well. DD#2 has is doing very well practicing on her bike here on flat land. My grand daughter also learned to ride her bike this week. DD#1 has been working all week so hopefully I'll get to spend some time with her Sunday, Saturday is Marine world with the Girl scouts and she is the troop leader so not much chance of time with her then as we have 22 girls going and 15 parents along with me and the grandson. DD#2 and my mom have been having some quality shopping time. Dad is just dad. He rides his bike to get coffee,watches TV and naps in his chair.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When 10 equals 2 and too much is too much....

I'm still on vacation in California. Spending time with a loving family that doesn't have an especially WW friendly eating pattern is not good. I haven't been to WW yet as they don't have Tuesday meetings here. That is probably a good thing for my piece of mind.

I'm still fighting major water retention so what ever the scale says is going to depress me tomorrow. My legs are still swollen from the trip here and the fact that it's warmer may not be helping. By evening my ankles have large dents form the tops of my socks. I'm up 5 to 10 lbs depending on the time of day.

DH is being fantastic in supporting me and encouraging me to get any riding in I can and also encouraging to watch what I am eating. It's a reminder I'm needing a lot. It is so easy to slip in to those childhood habits when you are around the old home town and the family. We went on a bike tour of town yesterday. I led DH all over all my old childhood haunts. We did about 10 miles. It's so flat here that it only felt like about 2 miles at home.

I've had a hard time getting a good ride in as DH is working and Dad isn't really up to riding hard enough to give me a good work out any more. DD#1 hasn't done any serious riding in quite some time and was feeling the burn after less than a mile. DD#2 isn't really up to it yet either. DH is working and really can't take the time to ride with me every day. But I am taking my bike to the store and running some errands. Tomorrow I will ride to the WW meeting and back.

I guess all I really can do is keep doing the best I can and kick into high gear when I get home to repair the damage. I'm thinking it's not going to be pretty, though I honestly believe it really is water at this point.

Yes as far as the diet is concerned 10 miles is equal 2 miles at home, and too much time away from home is too much. On the other hand I'd love a good long ride on flat ground just to see how far I can go, it's good to see the family and the trip has been pretty good so far.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Visiting with the family...

So far the visit with the family has been good. I am however learning that traveling and dieting is not a very good combination for me. We spent Friday in the car eating carrots and cellery and other Diet friendly snacks and avioding fast food. I gained about 5 lbs of water weight from a day of sitting in the car. That is pretty normal for me. Sitting still in a car is not my friend and I have another day of that on the way back.

I'm still trying to decide which WW meeting to go to. My weigh in day is Tuesday but I have to drive about 30 minutes to get to a Tuesday meeting. I could go in on Monday or Wednesday here in town. Monday is too soon. Maybe Wednesday would be better. It has been reinforced in my mind how central eating is to my family. Junk food and candy is everywhere. Some I can resist some not so easy. My diet strategy is mostly eat a lot of salad. Most of the other food choices are not very diet friendly. Yummy comfort food but not Diet in any way.

I'm not looking forward to the ride home followed by weighing in less than 12 hours later. The weather here has been all rain so I haven't ridden the bike yet. I really need some good bike time.

DH did a long (24 hour) ride yesterday through this morning. He's looking a bit ragged today. I hope he is feeling better tomorrow.