Monday, May 18, 2009

More riding! More gardening!

Well on the 16th we did about 8 or a bit more miles riding to complete some chores and shopping. That's DH and DD on the tandem, and me on my bike with bike bags for the shopping and carrying parts. Later I realized that I should have had DH hook up my trailer so I could try it out. Some days I'm not very bright. Especially since I did another Grocery trip of 4.4 miles later that evening. So 12-13 miles on the 16th.

Yesterday (17th) after church we did a 31 mile "pleasure ride" just DH and I on the tandem. Well it was mostly pleasure I really enjoyed riding with DH but the Tandem isn't really a good fit for me. I had some "saddle" issues as did DH. He really needs a better saddle on the tandem! I had a good saddle but again the bike fit issues ( even though we adjusted a bunch of things before teh ride and a few more durring the ride) and I ended up with a VERY sore tailbone. (I had a broken tailbone in my early 20's and it can give me problems from time to time.) Once again I kept having to ask for some coasting time to re-adjust myself on the saddle and a few breaks to allow better blood flow. I am thinking that some day I may need to go to a shop and have them so a bike fit. Really I think even DD may be outgrowing the tandem as she is only about an inch shorter than I am.

Not bad 43 miles or so this week. 50 last week. Maybe I can get in another 7 miles and try for 50 a week. I'd like to set up a route or two that are about 25 miles and try to get about 50 miles a week in. If I break it into 25 mile trips maybe I will enjoy it more with out so much seat pain.

Today's exercise has been mostly gardening as I needed to get some more plants in the garden that I bought the other day. Broccoli lettuce and Zucchini. Something has been eating my zucchini and pumpkin plants. They just seem to disappear over night. I put out slug bait but 2 of the pumpkin plants got munched after I put out slug bait. Grrrr. I found some holes that are about 2-2.5 inches across and seemingly bottomless when I try to run water in them. No hills just open holes. I thought maybe they were from my friendly garter snakes but now I'm wondering if it's something less friendly.

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