Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back in Oregon, weigh in, shorts a ride to plan and a question...

We're home! After the warm (upper 80's) weather in central CA we are back to our cool (mid 50's) and rainy Oregon weather. I guess the bike goes on the trainer again this evening after I get all the trip stuff cleared out of the living room. It's nice to be home even if the weather isn't quite as great as it was in CA.

This weeks weigh in like lasts occurred right after a 660 mile car trip but was slightly better even though I was still retaining a lot of water. I'm down 0.8 lbs from last week. That is still 211.6 and is a total of down 24.4 lbs over all. Of course since weigh in day I'm down about 2.5 more due to water loss. Next week I'll believe what ever the scale says. It's especially hard to believe the gain because I rode my bike for over 50 miles last week. Granted I wasn't home and eating right was a challenge but I still think I did fairly well.

While in CA I found some shorts that I don't mind wearing. Most shorts because of my big belly and small thighs are tight in the waist and baggy in the rear and legs. Danskins makes a stretchy exercise short that will fit around me and not bind but isn't baggy in the thighs! They have the added bonus of having flat seams so they won't rub while riding. No pads but they will work for shorter rides and general wear as well as being fairly cheap so I'm happy. After looking them up online I find that they are called bike shorts.

A few years ago I bought my dad some books on bicycle tours on the Pacific Coast. He offered them back to me unread last week. So I took them! I'm starting to read them and also looking at some Oregon Coast bike maps. I'll be looking for a few short practice rides before we decide on a firm "big ride" later. Lots of cool stuff but you really need to compare maps books and other info to get good info to plan a ride. This is fun.

I jokingly told DH that I wanted to try to get Terra Trikes to sponsor my weight loss and big ride. Actually it was a great idea but I just can't figure out any real reason why they should. Honestly what would be in it for them? It's not like I could offer them blog advertising... Well I could but I have about 3 regular readers and a few friends that pop in occasionally. Not much to make it worth their time and money. I could wear a t-shirt for them... I am wide enough to carry a good message. Not that I'd ask for a lot. Maybe a discount on a trike when I get to goal or maybe trike goodies. It'd just be cool to be able to say the company of the trike I want is my sponsor. So the question, What can I offer Terra Trikes that might get them to sponsor me?

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