Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another reason to ride a bike.

I rode my bike the the grocery store about 2.2 miles away. I was on the way back with the groceries. Near the grocery store on opposite side of the street is an assisted living home. Across the street is the restricted section for memory impaired people.

In front of the memory impaired home was an old man ( probably 80+) one foot on the curb one on the grass and both hands on the grass trying to step off the curb without falling. He was returning home after visiting his wife in the memory impaired home. He couldn't step down 5 inches to the street safely, but he was visiting his wife who was unable to live in the assisted living home with him. He was trying to cross a busy road by himself. I stopped and helped him, bike on one arm him on the other, taking 3 inch steps and guarding him from traffic all the way across the street to his assisted living apartment. He kept telling me his story and how wonderful I was to help him get home.

If I had rushed to the store and back in the car, I wouldn't have been there to help him. I made pedaling 4.4 miles well worth the trip. I hope someone watches out for him on all his future trips to visit his wife.

Sometimes slowing down is just the right thing to do.

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