Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When 10 equals 2 and too much is too much....

I'm still on vacation in California. Spending time with a loving family that doesn't have an especially WW friendly eating pattern is not good. I haven't been to WW yet as they don't have Tuesday meetings here. That is probably a good thing for my piece of mind.

I'm still fighting major water retention so what ever the scale says is going to depress me tomorrow. My legs are still swollen from the trip here and the fact that it's warmer may not be helping. By evening my ankles have large dents form the tops of my socks. I'm up 5 to 10 lbs depending on the time of day.

DH is being fantastic in supporting me and encouraging me to get any riding in I can and also encouraging to watch what I am eating. It's a reminder I'm needing a lot. It is so easy to slip in to those childhood habits when you are around the old home town and the family. We went on a bike tour of town yesterday. I led DH all over all my old childhood haunts. We did about 10 miles. It's so flat here that it only felt like about 2 miles at home.

I've had a hard time getting a good ride in as DH is working and Dad isn't really up to riding hard enough to give me a good work out any more. DD#1 hasn't done any serious riding in quite some time and was feeling the burn after less than a mile. DD#2 isn't really up to it yet either. DH is working and really can't take the time to ride with me every day. But I am taking my bike to the store and running some errands. Tomorrow I will ride to the WW meeting and back.

I guess all I really can do is keep doing the best I can and kick into high gear when I get home to repair the damage. I'm thinking it's not going to be pretty, though I honestly believe it really is water at this point.

Yes as far as the diet is concerned 10 miles is equal 2 miles at home, and too much time away from home is too much. On the other hand I'd love a good long ride on flat ground just to see how far I can go, it's good to see the family and the trip has been pretty good so far.

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