Friday, May 8, 2009

OK I have a confession to make....

Here in the central valley of California I'm loving riding my bike. I really miss it when I can't put in an hour or so. I hope that I can keep loving riding when I get home and hit the hills again.

Today I restricted a bit because of the sunburn and the bright sunshine out side. I'm one of those fair skinned, freckled people that burn like really bad. Normally I avoid the sun. Long pants, long sleeves, swim suit cover ups, etc. are not due to hiding all the excess weight, they are burn prevention. (the hiding is just a side benefit) Sun screen doesn't seem too effective most of the time. I've been know to burn in the shade. In the sun I fry.

I really need to find something I can wear in the heat while riding that covers my legs and arms completely. I found my self sitting in a recliner with my legs up trying to get the swelling in my burnt areas to go down last night. From about 2 AM till 6:30 AM I was sleeping in Dad's recliner. This morning I am much improved, the swelling nearly gone, but sunlight still burns like crazy. Maybe I'm part vampire.

I do have a pair of long pants that are fairly soft inside that I may be able to wear for a short ride tonight. I had to go buy some shorts to keep the pants from rubbing the still very sore skin I borrowed shorts from my Mom yesterday. Maybe this evening I can get Dad to go for a short ride with me. DH is in Santa Cruz getting ready for a 600K ride that starts in the AM so he can't go with me and the girls are at a Girl Scout meeting tonight.

Tonight I'm relaxing in prep for chasing kids all over Marine World tomorrow. 12 hours of chasing a 4 year old and a bunch of brownies/Jr girl scouts all over Marine world vs. 600 K ride. Yeah I think he's still burning more energy, but I'm also pretty sure he wouldn't volunteer to trade places with me. I will be wearing long pants and a tank top with a light weight man's shirt over it and hoping for the best weather wise. (cool and breezy please!) Darn. I just realized I forgot a hat and will need to buy one.

I finally got rid of most of the water weight from traveling this week, just in time to go back, but it looks like maybe I stayed fairly flat in the weight department if you ignore water weight. Here's hoping that I can maintain, or at least not gain.

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