Thursday, May 7, 2009

My limit and weigh in...

I asked DH to ride with me to see how far I could go on the wonderful flat land called the central valley of California. He needed to pick up a couple of spare tubes in Stockton about 17 miles away so I decided to ride along. He decided to humor me. Actually I did pretty well in 17 miles we only had a change of about 15 feet elevation.( if you ignore the 2one killer overpass and the one baby over pass) It's pretty flat here. We got there with only one swear word from me about 1/2 way up the nasty overpass. We bought the tubes at the bike shop, ( buy 2 get one free!) ate lunch at the near by Safeway and refilled the water bottles then headed home. So far so good. The legs and lungs were were holding out pretty well. Excepting the Killer overpass. DH stopped at the top to wait for em them when he heard me call him thought I said go on... and he headed down the other side actually I was hoping he'd wait and give em a drink and possibly CPR. About 10 miles later I started feeling the saddle, and the heat. So we are calling about 27 miles and 85 degrees heat as my limit on flat land. Too bad the ride was 34 miles and about 90 degrees. DH humored me and stopped in frequent shady spots to give me water as I was over heating. ( We had to take the bottle cage off my bike to put it on the rack of the car to get to CA.) We also stopped to buy some very nice strawberries at a tiny stand on the edge of a strawberry patch. The guy was very nice and gave us extra berries to munch on while we rested. I made it home but DH had to help me get off the bike as my tail bone was very much not happy. The skin on my arms and knees are fried. DH laughed and said Finally he wouldn't be alone in the biker tan look. Little does he know anytime I burn I peel. Any "tan" will be fleeting. I didn't bring any shorts except my bike shorts so I'll need t go buy a pair as it really isn't comfortable to wear long pants today. I know I'm such a wimp. As for why I didn't bring shorts... I only have one pair and they are several sizes too big.

As for weigh in....
I will start with all kinds of disclaimers...Not my WW scales (not sure if they calibrate with Oregon probably but you never know), not my normal time of day( 5:00 PM not 9:00 AM), different clothes jeans not bike shorts and I've been retaining LOTS of water this week so who knows what the real reason is but I'm up 3.2 lbs. I'm not changing my ticker because I really think it's water weight as you can see it in the legs and face. Next week when I weigh in may not be better as I always retain a lot of water after a long car trip. Oh well any way you look at it eventually I'll be down when I lose the water.

Family trip is still going well. DD#2 has is doing very well practicing on her bike here on flat land. My grand daughter also learned to ride her bike this week. DD#1 has been working all week so hopefully I'll get to spend some time with her Sunday, Saturday is Marine world with the Girl scouts and she is the troop leader so not much chance of time with her then as we have 22 girls going and 15 parents along with me and the grandson. DD#2 and my mom have been having some quality shopping time. Dad is just dad. He rides his bike to get coffee,watches TV and naps in his chair.

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