Sunday, May 3, 2009

Visiting with the family...

So far the visit with the family has been good. I am however learning that traveling and dieting is not a very good combination for me. We spent Friday in the car eating carrots and cellery and other Diet friendly snacks and avioding fast food. I gained about 5 lbs of water weight from a day of sitting in the car. That is pretty normal for me. Sitting still in a car is not my friend and I have another day of that on the way back.

I'm still trying to decide which WW meeting to go to. My weigh in day is Tuesday but I have to drive about 30 minutes to get to a Tuesday meeting. I could go in on Monday or Wednesday here in town. Monday is too soon. Maybe Wednesday would be better. It has been reinforced in my mind how central eating is to my family. Junk food and candy is everywhere. Some I can resist some not so easy. My diet strategy is mostly eat a lot of salad. Most of the other food choices are not very diet friendly. Yummy comfort food but not Diet in any way.

I'm not looking forward to the ride home followed by weighing in less than 12 hours later. The weather here has been all rain so I haven't ridden the bike yet. I really need some good bike time.

DH did a long (24 hour) ride yesterday through this morning. He's looking a bit ragged today. I hope he is feeling better tomorrow.

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