Monday, April 27, 2009

Boy is it hard to find pictures of me...

I started looking for before and after pictures of me. Apparently I've never been one to have or save pictures of me. Not even when I was a reasonably thin teen.

Me at age 17 napping... ( about 120lbs)
Even less likely after I gained weight....

Me at about 16 months ago, (about 240 lbs, roughly where I've been for the last couple of years)

Me at church Easter Sunday..... (about 214lbs)

Yesterday I got my hair cut. I went in thinking I wanted something different than the normal long enough to control with a pony tail. OH my. I forgot how curly my hair is when it is short. This is after it dried, I rode my bike and got helmet hair and it was brushed a few times... Yeah I did manage to brush some of the curls out of it... You should have seen it after my shower. DH says I look younger. He likes my curls. But then he's pretty supportive, loving and kind all the time, not just after I have several inches of hair cut off. DD thought my morning still wet curls were not just "curly" but "scary curly". Maybe for Halloween I'll take a picture of that. I'm thinking a blow dryer may well be my BFF till my hair grows out again. (unless I get used to it and keep it short) I couldn't decide on which picture to put for new haircut so I give you 2 to chose form which is your favorite?

April 28th 2009

April 28th 2009

Yeah, none exactly award winning beauty but I am what I am. And special Thanks to my DH who put up with a lot of rejected pictures to get a few for me to choose from. And today is his birthday too! (homemade yellow cake with strawberries and whipped cream for him and strawberries and cool whip for me.)

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