Monday, April 6, 2009

Night before the Weekly Weight Watrchers Weigh -in...

Nope no predictions tonight on if I will make 25 lbs tomorrow (I only need to lose 0.4 lbs to do it) or will gain... I truly have no idea, I haven't weighed much this week.

How ever I won't go into depression if I don't because yesterday (and today!) the weather was lovely and the family all rode bikes to church. We've done it before and it takes about 45 minutes to get there and I usually end up swearing all the way up at least 4 hills. Not really great on the way to Church but hey I"m being honest here. Well Yesterday was special! Not only did we do the ride in 28 minutes 22.43 seconds. (yes I did time it!) But I didn't even swear on the way up those hills! The return trip took 27.45 minutes. OK there was some minor swearing on the way back, there is one hill that I really do not like just before we get home. This was after 2 weeks of riding the trainer. Now that said that darn trainer is evil. It is much harder to ride it for 28 minutes on level ground than to ride the bike outside on slightly hilly ground. Go figure.

I'm hoping for continued good weather this week as I have a LOT of garden work that needs to be done. Those darn weeds are a pain, and isn't grass supposed to grow slow? Oh well, I did Get the peas planted finally. DH installed the Bees in the Behive today.

Back tomorrow wiht end of week 12 weigh-in. Fingers crossed.

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