Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Church, Groceries, bike bags, the Trainer and thinking about a mascot...

Last Sunday I was surprised to find the ride to church (4.4 miles) was easier than before. I wonder how much is weight loss and how much is working out on the trainer. I cut my last years time for the same ride by almost 40%.

Today I went to the grocery store on the bike. I'm guessing it's about 2 miles away. It took about 11.5 minutes each way. Not bad since it has one hill that takes a bit of work to get up. Oddly it was a lot less work than in pre-trainer times. I'm also getting the feel of a general slope over the ride. (before it was just I hate these hills) On the way to the store it was a bit harder more uphill, on the way back was much easier with only one hill to climb and most of the ride slightly down hill. I was surprised that it was easier because I was carrying groceries in my bike bags. I was also worried that they weren't very well balanced as I bought a few heavy things that had to go in one bag to keep them from crushing the eggs and bread in the other bag. Both bags were only about half full but one was much heavier. I can't say I really noticed it except when I stopped for a minute to check something and nearly tipped the bike over because I let go with out bracing it well enough. I considered taking the trailer out today even though I didn't really have enough stuff I needed to justify it. It just wasn't worth the time to stop and figure out how to attach it. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and Friday so It will probably be the weekend before I get a chance to try it out. Maybe Sunday if we ride to church again.

I do think that the trainer has a lot to do with the speed increase as DH also has significantly increased speed since he's been using it this winter. Of course he's also been doing Spinnervals DVD's while on the trainer. I'm so not ready for that.

Over all it does give me hope that I really can do this.

DD has offered me the choice of quite a few of her stuffed toys as a mascot for my bike. I'm not sure if I will chose one of those or find something else. Maybe I should have both my girls choose something. Or many be I can find something that reminds me of each of them. I'm currently thinking perhaps Eeyore(DD#1), Piglet (DD#2), Roo (Grand Daughter), and Tigger (grandson) might work well for this if I can find them all in extra small size. Kind of McDonald's prize size. Then I can take my kids (and grand Kids) with me when I ride. I've got 3 of them... I would just need Tigger to complete the set. I could just use Piglet but That wouldn't be fair to her big sister!

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