Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's been a few days since posting and Its weigh in day again and "walking" challange.

I need to post a bit more regularly, because I need to think about the diet and exercise to actually do the diet and exercise! Last week I forgot to buy my new 3 month food journal, so over all I didn't journal much. I did try to keep track mentally and did OK but not great.

This week I was down 0.6 lbs. That is I lost the 0.4 I gained last week plus 0.2 more. So I'm STILL 0.2 lbs away from losing 25 lbs. I guess at least I wasn't up yet again this week.

Weight Watchers has a new 8 week walking challenge. train for 8 weeks them walk a 5K at the end of it.

I'm in NO way interested in a walking challenge. But I am going to follow their time line and do a riding challenge. This week I'm going to set a baseline on how much I ride then I'm going to increase each week. I'm not sure how much yet DH suggested 10% per week, but I'm still thinking about it. The replacement end even may be to ride to a state park stay in a cabin over night them ride back the next day. This will depend on how far to the state park and cabin availability.

Last week we had a couple of good weather days and I took the bike to the store etc. I will continue that this week by doing errands by bike on dry days, and riding on the trainer on wet days. I will get some exercise everyday.

I'm also going to do better meal planning, more veggies, salads, and whole grains. I may also do more vegetarian meals this week. We all enjoy them and they tend to be lower calorie and high fiber. Tonight I need to work on a meal plan for the week then tomorrow I can post it.


  1. would you post your meals, especially the veggie ones? always looking for inspiration.

  2. Sure Donna, I'm still working on the whole week but I'll post some later today.