Friday, April 17, 2009

Yesterday Giving In and Penance, leftovers and random stuff

Yesterday at my CRB meeting I gave in. The boss as usual brought Donuts. I guess he figures if we can volunteer he must feed us donuts. I can honestly say NONE of us needed those donuts. Sigh. Oh well. I ate one. It was very yummy. After sitting in that meeting all day I knew that between the lack of movement a donut and lunch out (though I actually made a good choice there) I was going to have to so some penance. So after dinner ( leftover chili as DH had an evening meeting at 6:30 and I didn't get home till 5:00) I got on the trainer and rode for 45minutes. That was a new personal best for me by about 17 minutes if I remember right. I kept saying If I can do 20 minutes I can do 25... ( increase by 5 min) at about 40 minutes my rear end said forget 50 45 will do! My mind was easily convinced at that point. Maybe it was the soggy sweatshirt or the salty sweat dripping in my eyes but the rear end won with out much struggle from the mind. I counted down the last minute. I might have even made an hour if it had only been tired muscles. Maybe tonight I'll try for longer.

Breakfast this morning was an egg scrambled with a little diced ham and some grated cheese in a corn taco shell. Did you know that the taco bell brand corn taco shells are only 1 point? Much lower points than corn chips and good with black bean salsa, salsa or chili? A little bit of chili in side one, a sprinkle of cheese and some lettuce and tomato, low point high flavor goodness and you can have 3 for a reasonable lunch sized meal.

Tonight will be homemade Broccoli Beef, and Rice with Roasted winter squash on the side for the squash loving part of the family.

Tomorrow I'm hoping the weather will be good and I can plant the veggies out side. The tomato beds will need plastic covers in case of frost but the rest should be fine. I'm getting everything ready for planting today.

We are going to CA in a couple of weeks. DH will be doing a couple of bike rides and taking care of some stuff at the embassy in SF. DD#2 and I will be visiting with my family and going on a Girl Scout trip to Marine World with DD#1 (a girl scout leader) and her kids. I didn't really plan on going but DD#2 wanted some help with a very short active person... My grandson, as he wouldn't be able to go if she had to focus on him, as she is troop leader and needs to focus on the other 19 kids including DD #2. That's OK we will all have fun and Hiking Marine world and Chasing the grandson should be good for a LOT of activity points.

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