Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring gardening and the day before end of week 14 weigh-in

The newly arrived spring weather is AWESOME! We are in the upper 70's mid 80's this week. Yesterday we inspected the bee hive and did hours of gardening, weeding etc. Today I mowed the front yard. Later this afternoon I'm going to plant my tomato starts.

If today's scale is a predictor of tomorrow's weigh, in I'll have finally passed the down 25 lbs mark. Yippee! well maybe yippee! Tomorrow we know for sure. According to my scale I'm a tiny bit below where I was when I got married 13 years ago. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Now we inter new territory, striking distance of being under 200 lbs. I'm going to be working really hard to make it not take as long as the last couple of lbs.

Sunshine, weight loss, and planting the garden! Life is good.

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