Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1.6 the wrong way...

That would be a 1.6 lb gain.

What did I do wrong. Pretty much everything. Not enough exercise,I didn't track my food, and I ran out of my perscription for waterpills. Mostly I think it's the lack of water pills. I think I did pretty good food wise. I didn't ride nearly as much as I should have. Only one trip to the grocery on the bike and today to WW for weigh in. (too little too late!) I did do some though not a lot of gardening.

I really need to step up the exercise and get the water pils filled and Yes LOG food. Every bite. I'm really going to have to fight to get below 200 lbs and I still 9.6 lbs to go. I need to re-motivate myself and get busy if I'm going to make that goal any time soon. Early on I coudl lose that much fairly quickly. Not so much now, I need to work at it. And frankly I need to work a lot harder than I have been. I do feel better. I wore size 18 pants for the first in a long time this week. But that isn't good enough. I swore in the beginging that good enough wasn't this time. It's not. It is however, time to quit patting myself on the back and get back on track and make the next goal, get below 200lbs.

So this week I'm reassesing my points target. Logging food, getting more exercise. I want to get at least 25 miles on the bike this week. It's do able. 50 may not be but 25 should be. Next week I want to be down at least as much as I was up this week. (1.6 lbs.)

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