Thursday, January 29, 2009

5 things I like about WW, 2 things I don't like about WW


1. I do like how the points system tends to keep me looking for low fat High fiber foods.

2. The meetings keep me motivated. Though some days the high energy leader makes me want to scream. But then some days rather resent that I'm not so high energy. Of course If I was my family might lock me in the closet until I was too weak to bounce so much!

3. It's easy to figure points out on packaged foods. The plan was made to be easy for packaged foods. Face it many people eat prepackaged everything with maybe some kind of salad.

4. The check boxes on the journal make keeping track of water and fruits and veggies easier. I don't think I would drink nearly enough water if I didn't have those little boxes staring at me. and it's easy to eat all your points in meat and starches if you are not paying attention.

5. I feel much better when I drink the water the recommend.


1. I don't like how much time I spend converting info to points for recipes I've used for ever. It's way easier when you don't use a lot of packaged foods to just count calories. I just don't use packaged foods often.

2. They also annoy me because their web-site (and meetings to some extent)tends to give me a sense that all they want is my money. they are always hyping their products. I've tried their products and honestly I can find equivalent or better tasting, better for you, products for better prices in the regular grocery store. Sure I have to look harder and have to read the labels but shouldn't that be what they are teaching you? Their website doesn't list points in for products that compete with their products.

Over all I do like their system but I also think that because it's easier to eat packaged foods rather than fresh foods some people end up not eating the quality of foods they should. It is annoying that I have to work harder on their system than someone that eats more prepackaged junk food.

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