Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday night and the Weekend...

It's Friday Night and I saved enough points today that I splurged and we all went to Dairy Queen for ice cream! OK, so I split a banana split with DH I had plenty and even felt good leaving the last bite for him. DD had a pineapple Sunday, She likes Sonic's pineapple Sundays better. No one went over on points today either! It really felt good to have a treat and not feel guilty about it.

I didn't even use any of my "extra" points. I'm saving them for Monday which is my 49th birthday. I'm hoping to have lost at least 60 lbs by my 50th Birthday. That would be staying on track for 13 months without getting stuck on any major plateaus.

I saw the Dr today about my back. She says it's "just" muscle spasms and gave me pain medication and different muscle relaxers. We will see how that goes. Honestly I hope she's right but am not looking forward to spending too much time unable to exercise a lot. I need to get started with exercise if I'm going to keep up the good losses. And I really want to keep up the good losses.

This weekend we are going on a bit of a family retreat to a cabin in a very nice state park near by. We will be talking about major family goals and values, and setting some goals and making plans. We are also taking some fun games and just spending time together as a family. No TV, books or other solitary pastimes allowed. I think we are planning to stay up a bit late if the weather cooperates and do some stargazing.It will be nice especially as DH will be leaving next weekend for Italy on business. We also get to use the giant sleeping bag DH got me for Christmas.

It's very different having to plan a camping trip while thinking about points ans such. Good thing I have a great recipe for Veggie Chili that is only 2 points per 1 cup serving. We are taking Instant flavored Oatmeal for breakfast and bread and lunch meat for lunches. All are very good Point wise. I have some good low point snacks and fruits and veggies to munch on between meals and while game playing. I think this will be fun. I guess I will need to work out some more low point recipes that are camping friendly as we all enjoy camping.

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