Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wll inspite of having relatives here last week and DH gone ...

I was exactly flat same as last week. Which is better than I deserved with all the junk food around and no exercise. So far this week I've done 2 rides, one an hour around town with some extra hill climbing, the other to Weigh in this morning.( 4.4 mi each way) I also stayed for a refresher run through with the new people. I do think I really need to start not only writing down everything again but also measuring before putting stuff on my plate. Serving sizes seem to creep up a bit.

My DH is being very very helpful and supportive since he's been back from his 745 mile ride in California last week. After 745 miles in 85 hours he's been eating and sleeping a lot though now he says he thinks he's recovered enough to slow down on the eating and cut naps back a bit. I'd say "some day maybe I can do that" but ummm no thanks. Self abuse really isn't my thing. What ever he enjoyed it anyway and after all that's what counts!

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