Thursday, August 27, 2009

Update only 2 days late!

And I'm down 0.8 lbs . Just over 1 lb until I set my next goal! 201.2 lbs as of Tuesday. I'm finally getting back into the grove.

DH asked me how much warning he was going to get before he had to buy the new trikes and plan "The Trip". LOL! I think he's finally won over to the idea of trikes, though we still need to find time to go to the shop and test ride a couple to see if it's really going to be what we want. So far we've looked at Terra trikes, Catrikes, and Greenspeeds. I'm thinking about the Terra trike"Tour" model for DD and I. DH is looking at one of the higher end models for him as he does a completely different kind of riding than I do and would be able to use it for riding other than family outings. at 200K to 1200K per event his riding needs are quite different and I'd rather he buy one more expensive trike than 2 expensive trikes. This will save money AND room in the garage, both significant issues. I'm not sure which is a bigger issue LOL! This could change but Judging without actually trying the others is tough. Based on the specks Catrike is out for me as My X seam is just too short. Most Catrikes say x seam of 39 inches and I'm only 34 inches. As is on the Terra Trike I need the extra short size. Only the Catrike"pocket" is built for short riders. Having said that we'll see when we get to the shop and actually try them out. Greenspeed is more expensive and I'm not sure I want to spend that much money on a trike. (OK I don't want to spend that much times 3 for one for each of us.)

Darn, I running out of time. I want to write more but it will have to wait till tomorrow. Today was the first day of school and Homeplate is tonight and I need to scramble. More tomorrow...

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