Saturday, January 9, 2010

Been quite a while and I wish I had good things to report but...

not horrid but I have gained a few lbs. Last report was 197lbs. Now up to 201.2 lbs. Not a horrid gain over the holidays, say Halloween through New Years, but up none the less. So time to get back to what WAS working. So what have I let slide, this blog for one. I will try to update at least 3 times a week. Next sliding issue, Tracking. I need to write down what I eat or I forget I ate it and eat it again! Sliding issue #3, Bike riding. Yep it's cold out there, and wet, but not currently snowy or icy so I need to start riding again. Bring on the more layers. I don't have any rain gear but I will dry out I'm not talking about riding several hours at a time, just getting off my rear and on my bike.

This by the way is NOT a New Years resolution. I've not been working at this for quite a year yet though it's close! This is a get back to it and stick to it. I lost 40 lbs in Year one. (and gained back about 5 of it.) So my goal for year 2 is to lose the 5 I've gained back and another 40 this year. It can be done. That would put me in the Overweight category instead of the Morbidly Obese category. Hey not perfect but improved anyway.

Another event this year would be in Feburary I'll be 50. One would think that at 1/2 a century in age I could control my eating and exercising.

Also I have an update on the trike shopping... I was thinking TerraTrike Tour and DH was looking at CatTrike Speed for him. We recently did a very short test ride They didn't have Tour set up in my size and we didn't have time to have them swap one around so I tried the CatTrike Villager, and my Husband tried it and the Terra TrikeTour. He left liking the Terra Trike and I left having really liked the CatTrike.

The CatTrike Villager was adjustable down to my size even though the specs say that only the pocket would fit me. The adjustment was simple and it could easily adjust from my leg length to DH's with a self adjusting chain that didn't requite any tools to adjust or any parts changed out. I'm thinking this would be good for my still growing daughter! The sales person wants us to come back and spend several hours riding several models before deciding. He thinks I will like the Pocket even better than the Villager. I'm wondering if the Villager wasn't quite set up for DH size and best fit. Though honestly his riding needs are different than mine so the TerraTrike may well be better for him. It appears that really there are a Lot of subtle differences in these trikes and until you actually test ride them under the conditions you ride in you may not be able to choose the best one for your application, body,or needs. So while I'm still open to a change, CatTrike is looking like it is in the lead for me right now.

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