Sunday, February 20, 2011

Starting over well almost...

After quitting Weight Watchers I gained back about 30 of the 40 lbs I lost. So I'm back to WW and 4 weeks in am down about 10 lbs. Only 20lbs to go to my lowest point since the last WW plan..

The new WW Points Plus system is very different. A lot of the low points go to foods aren't really Low on the pointsPlus plan. Now instead of calories, fat and fiber they count fat, carbohydrates, fiber and protein. You really need some one of their calculators to follow the plan well. This plan is a lower carb plan. They no longer say a calorie is a calorie. All fruits and most veggies (not potatoes grains etc really veggies!) are zero points. To encourage you to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. The exceptions are dried fruits and fruits canned in syrup etc. If you use a piece of fruit in a cooked dish the fruit is still free you just add the pointsPlus for the stuff added. You can't easily take out the calories for fruits and veggies on things like frozen food ( Lean Cuisines etc) so this makes home cooked easier to figure out than packaged stuff this is a big switch. And really what WW wants you to do. Fresh is better especially fruits and veggies.

I'm struggling a bit this time. Especially with emotional over eating. ( though over eating less but still not eating the things I should be in reasonable quantities.) I think working on the emotional aspect will be key. this time. I knows some wonderful ladies on the Internet that care and are willing to listen to me and support me. I do so wish they were all closer so we could band together and take care of each other physically as well as emotionally. My friends ROCK!  It's hard to believe most of us have been together nearly 13 years.

It's also hard to believe that this week was the first time I've admitted how out of control my emotional eating is. Why did I admit it now? Someone posted about the opposite eating disorder anorexia. She exercises, I over eat. If we split the difference we could both be healthy. Maybe we should live next door and she could drag me to the gym and I could drag her to the ice cream shop!


  1. Hi Kathy. Great to see you blogging. Good luck with the new PointsPlus system- sounds a bit complex. But if it pushes everyone to eat more homemade and fresh fruits and veg, its all good!

  2. So happy to hear from you! We are in this together! I live in Hillsboro too, let me know if you would like to get together sometime!

    Keep focused on your journey and don't quit!!

    You can do this!!

  3. Hi my Hillsboro Friend! Don't know where you are on your health and fitness journey, but I would like to encourage you to keep on fighting for your health! We can do this thing and get to our goals. I know you can!!!

    Do all you can today to reach your goals!!

    Keep focused!