Thursday, September 23, 2010

Working on recipes, portion control and skipping the junk food.

Recipes... I am so used to "Iron Cheffing" it every night that I'm having to  work really hard at figuring out exactly what and how much goes into the food I cook. I am also having to work on NOT cooking extra because if I make extra we eat it. Not for lunch the next day but either at dinner or soon after. This is taking time, organization, and effort. None of which seems to come naturally to me. I seem only able to do this with copious amounts of paper,ink and time.

Portion control... I seem not to have a big issue eating a reasonable portion. I stop when I'm not hungry any more. Not when I'm full, just when I'm not hungry. Added bonus is that it helps with y reflux issues too.

Junk Food.... OK here's my big problem. I don't see to be able to "Just say No". It doesn't seem to matter if it's sugar fat or salt. I crave it. Controlling my cravings can cause me to sit in front of the pantry door depressed because EVERYTHING I want is either high in fat, sugar or salt. This is my biggest struggle.


  1. Will be difficult to control our junk food eating habit, But one can gradually get rid of it by trying out interesting recipe made out of vegetable and fruits.

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  3. Hi - Hope you are doing well!!

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