Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Down 2.4 lbs for a total of...

31 lbs even. Now if you subtract the 1.6 I was up last week that's only down 0.5, but I'll take it. DH says I look like I been losing so I think I may be gaining muscle mass and losing fat. I have been doing a LOT more exercise in the last month than I used to.

I'd like to push a little harder and see if I can get under 200 in the next 2 or 3 weeks. I really don't want to get stuck at a decade mark again for several weeks. The weather is supposed to cool a bit over the next few days then warm up into the 80. That should be very comfortable riding weather, better than the 90's anyway. Last week I rode about 27 miles. Today I did 8.8 miles and if I do a couple of grocery store runs (2.2 miles each way) this week and can squeeze in a fun ride or 2 maybe I can do better than last weeks 27 miles. I need to ride with DH at least once if I can, as I seem to push harder when riding with him. We replaced the batteries in the bike computer on my bike but it's still not working. I'm not sure if we have the instructions as it's an old one that DH used to use. I guess I'll just have to start timing my rides again to figure out how fast I'm going. Google map can tell me how far it is. That will work till we figure out the Bike computer issues.

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