Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This weeks weigh in... ( Week 22)

Is a loss of 1.4 lbs that's down a total of 32.4lbs. I'm finding that I'm loosing slower in the last 6 weeks. About 1/2 as much. It really dates back to visiting my family. I got out of the habit of logging all my food and I really need to start logging it all again.

I did get a huge grin in WW meeting today. One lady who it seems was inspired by my bike riding told about how it got her back on her bike. She took it down and got it tuned up and then decided to ride to a friends house about 5 miles away. The friend said she would bring her home if she needed a ride home. She made it about 6 blocks. But she made the effort. That to me was big. Another lady told of getting her bike out and it taking 3 people to help her get on the bike. LOL She said she gave up when after all that to get on she fell off. Poor thing. I am very pleased that people are trying. I'll keep encouraging. Hopefully they will keep trying.

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