Saturday, June 13, 2009

This week in brief...

I read a couple of books. Did some garden work and was reasonably good about diet. Finally today I did a ride that was a about 9.2 miles and tomorrow is church and that will be another almost 8.8 miles. No records but better than sitting on my rear all week.

Today's ride was a bit special though. DH went out and scouted a ride for me this morning. Then he came back and DH DD and I each took our own bikes and rode the route, with a mot so brief stop to see "Up" at the local theater. DD has never ridden her bike that far by herself. Usually when we go on family rides DH and DD take the tandem. Everyone did well. DD only had to walk her bike up one hill and it really was a tough one. I made it up the hill, but it really was tough. I'm very proud of her for not only finishing the ride but not complaining about it at all.

Our strawberries are finally getting ripe. We've picked a little more than a gallon of them so far this week. Yum! Of course that means We've been eating more dessert than is a god idea. I'm going to have to freeze some and make jam soon. It looks like we have a bumper crop this year. Speaking of harvesting... Fava beans, Mustard greens and Peas are also being picked and we are really enjoying them too.

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