Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2010 bike tour thoughts and plans...

1 step closer. We've been talking about possible Bike tours for the family 2010 vacation. It's in California. It would start with an Amtrak ride from Portland Oregon to Davis California. Next from Davis to Napa, a lovely tour up the Napa Valley and over to the coast just short of Fort Bragg. Then down the coast to San Francisco north to Vallejo and a day at Marine world before heading back to Davis for the Amtrak Ride home. Expected time about 2 weeks. There is a map below and DH has wonderfully done a post for me at the family web site. an here is a map of the plan as it stands today. (interactive map at Bikely)

Sites to see on the tour... the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield CA (day 1) . Napa Valley (Day2) Probably a good night stop distance wise would be St Helena (day 3). Then to Cloverdale. (Day 4) The next leg would be a bit longer and tougher, but would either go up to Mendocino or down to Point Arena, unless we could find lodging in a smaller town between the two. (Day 5) The rest depends on what we find for day 5 and if we decide to go up to FT Bragg or go directly south toward San Francisco. about another 4-5 days with a reward day at Marine World in Vallejo ca, (maybe we would do a quick stop by Manteca to visit the family)Then back to Davis and Home on Amtrak. Obviously this is still in the thinking stages, not in the finished plan stages, but a rough idea of what I'm thinking about.

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