Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bicycle saddle, pedals and weather etc....

DD needs a new bicycle saddle. Hers is a kids sized saddle and she just isn't a kid sized kid. At 10 years old is is 5 feet 1 inch. She's always been tall. 97% on all the charts from infant on up. So soon we will be going out to get her a new seat. She also needs pedals. She is still figuring out the whole riding, steering braking thing and when she gets near someone else she freaks out a bit and tends to lose control. when she does she ends up getting the bike pedal jammed into her leg. The pedals she has now have teeth on them for traction. good unless they are jammed into your leg... then a it's bit rough on the body.

Not that we've had much chance to ride lately. The rain is a bit of an issue. I guess I shouldn't complain though as it's been a pretty dry winter to date. Cold but dry. I'm hoping that this coming weekend we can work in a nice bike ride or two around some very necessary gardening. It's supposed to be sunny and nice, we can hope that the forecasters are right. I really need to get some time on the bike either outside or on the trainer but It's such a pain to switch bikes on and off the trainer and DH is training for the start of his bike season. I guess I could put the fenders on and ride in the rain but I don't have any rain gear so that's not real appealing either. It sounds like lots of excuses. Maybe when DD is at swimming lessons I can use the gym for a bit of exercise.

I must do something soon.

The flu seems not to want to leave our house. DD is feeling better I'm not quite as sick though I can't seem to get rid of the sinus headache from hell, but now DH has it too. I was hoping he'd skip it this year. Honestly, I was hoping we'd all skip it this year as we had our flu shots early in the year.

I'm having a serious attack of the munchies today. Not good. So far I'm staying on plan but I do believe I need to use a few weekly points today to stay sane. Maybe it's the grey yucky day. I'm not sure what I'm having for dinner tonight I'm making DH and DD pasta with butternut squash and kale for dinner but since I don't like squash or kale I'm not sure what I'm having. Maybe I'll nuke a lean cuisine for me.

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