Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not satisfied...

Dinner was not very satisfying. Not even right after eating. So I decided I needed something that would satisfy me tonight, even though weigh-in is coming on Tuesday. So I put some peaches in the oven with a granola type topping made of oatmeal fiber one cereal sliced almonds a little butter Bisquick mix and a little brown sugar. It's baking now I hope it will fill the need so I won't want anything else before bed time. 2 points per peach half with topping.

I need to find a bike route near me that is fairly flat. I want to try getting on the bike and riding to see how far I can get. This requires a few things. One a route that is fairly flat. ( not so easy to find around here. Two some decent weather. This cold rain/snow thing we have going on right now isn't really terrific. Three a weekend where DH isn't already doing a ride so he and DD can support/rescue me if/when needed. I'll see what we can figure out tonight.

Yesterdays lack of posting was due to switching DD's bedroom and the office and the attendant computer shut down, not to mention all the time spent disassembling and reassembling both bedroom and office furniture. not of which would fit through the doors with out removing the doors and taking apart the furniture. Then there was the 3 large book cases full of course. You get the idea. It is still total chaos. I'm sitting on a step stool to type. Yeah. Not optimal.

I'm leaning toward making my reward for losing weight a cool bike (or trike) and a tour somewhere along the California coast. Not sure how to make that work logistically driving to one point isn't a problem... getting back to the car may be more of an issue. Loads of time to work out the details so I'm not going to stress about it today.

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