Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And the weekly weight in says...

Down 0.6lbs, for a total of 24.6 lbs down. I officially set my final goal as 135. So even though I could shoot for another 10%, (21 lbs) I chose a slightly closer goal of 199 lbs. (13.6 lbs) I haven't seen under 200 lbs in over 25 years, and I think that is a goal worth celebrating.

I'll also be looking for a non WW goal of wearing a size 18... also a LONG time since I've seen clothes in that size! Shoot you can even find that size in many NON fat women shops! Now shopping in a regular clothes store is something I'm really looking forward to, that will be a reward all on it's own!

Swam for an hour today for 4 activity points. ( laps + play time) Yesterday was a day off.

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