Monday, March 2, 2009

Weigh-in, bike tour locations...

Weigh -in is tomorrow and I will be happy to have not gained. It was a very low activity week for me because of the nasty virus that has kept me down all week. Finally today I'm feeling a bit better, though still congested and coughing. At least I'm feeling more human with a little energy. Just in time for DH to come down with it.

I did stay pretty much on Plan this week. And yes I logged everything. But with the reduced activity... well we'll see.

I asked some on-line friends a question today. I'm hoping for some input. Where do you live and why would it be a great place to do a bike tour. Not many answers yet.

Where would you go for a bike tour in the US? And why? I know there are cool places all over the world. But the US is big enough to have a lot of pretty cool places in it too. Ignoring all my previous posts what makes a place a great place for a bike tour? The challenge? The scenery? The history? The people you tour with? Something totally different? What time of year is best? Spring? Summer? Fall? Camping or Hotel? What kind of equipment to take?

Maybe a better question is where to start making decisions. I'm hoping that I get some idea of what others would like to do as a jumping off point to make some decisions of my own. No one ever accused me of being decisive.

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