Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weigh-in end week 7, What not to eat and todays exercise

Weigh-in... not as bad as expected. I lost 0.8 lbs this week. for a total loss of 19.6 lbs. I'm creeping in on my 10% loss goal of 23 lbs. Only 3.4 lbs to go to hit that goal. The next goal will be closer... after the 10% I only need to lose 15 more lbs to be at a 25+ year low of 199 lbs.

What not to eat... Anything from Carl's Jr. DD and I stopped for lunch today.I figured no brainer a Kid's meal should be reasonable.... NO IT ISN'T!!!! kids hamburger meal with small fries 23 points! I only get 25 for the day so that sucked. And of course I didn't check the nutrition facts till I got home on the computer. All of their burgers and such are very high cal/fat and low fiber. And it didn't even taste good. Not 23 points good for sure.

Exercise... while DD was at swim lessons, I spent an hour in the water in constant motion then another hour on the recumbent exercise bike and treadmill at the aquatic center. DD also did some time on both the bike and treadmill. though I think I spent more on the bike and she spent more time on the treadmill. She would have stayed longer but I was beat, so we came home.

So over all could have been worse, Could have been better with out the mental lapse that was the decision to go to Carl's Jr for lunch but over all a reasonable day.

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