Monday, March 30, 2009

Rain Rain go away...

It's spring in Oregon. That means it's raining. Our 10 day forecast says in the next 10 days we should get maybe 3 days of no rain. Today being one of them. Then again that's what they said yesterday ... before the rain and hail hit. Looking out side I'm not so sure today will be an improvement. The clouds aren't quite as black as yesterday. The ground is currently dry. So maybe there is some home of getting outside. Though seeing DH come home covered in mud to the eyebrows after the 200K he did Saturday... I'm not sure I want to risk it. I hear a mud bath is supposed to be good for the skin... Na, I guess I'm going to get back on the trainer today.

After last weeks big loss It's looking a bit flat this week but that's not a huge surprise I guess. I did take some measurements about a month ago and yesterday I remeasured. My waist is 2 inches smaller my ribs below the breast are about 4 inches smaller hips are 2 inches smaller my thigh is 1.5 inches smaller and my calf is 1 inch smaller. So in the last month I've done quite well over all. Tomorrow is weigh in so we will see if there was any actual weight progress this week. I'm afraid that after all the exercise I might have added a bit of muscle making it harder to tell weight wise if I've actually lost fat. Clothes wise I'm down form a snug size 24 to a normal fitting size 20. So over all progress. Yeah!

This week I'm going to go to a bit of a modified exercise pattern. I'll get my 5 points 4 days a week and the other 3 cut back. I'll try to up my exercise on the 4 days a few minutes every couple of days on the Trainer. The other days I'll work more on stretching and flexibility.

As for the diet...I'm having trouble wanting to eat. Or maybe it's more that I'm much pickier about what to eat. It needs to have a LOT of flavor or I'm just not to interested. I think I need a menu shake up. Maybe BBQ something(yes I BBQ in the rain, I live in Oregon, I even BBQ in the snow occasionally!) or something spicier than normal. Any suggestions?

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