Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 4 of challenge, Exercise DVD,

I tried the WW get moving DVD for exercise. Blech. Not my style. The 10 min AB workout wasn't horrid. But then it was 10 minutes and not worth much points wise. The 20 minute Yoga/Pilate's segment was at best annoying, and also worth very few points. The annoying part is that woman never shuts up! Also my living room is small. While she's telling you to elegantly move around your chair I'm stopping and moving my chair so I can get on the correct side to do the next exercise. I finished and had trouble assigning points at all. I had to get on the trainer and ride for 12 minutes before I felt like I could declare myself 5 points and done. 42 minutes to earn what I can earn in 28 min. on the trainer. No thanks. While it may be good for toning It's not what I need for burning. Maybe I'll try one of the others on an odd day when I'm not trying to earn points.

I'm also going to vow to not leave exercise till 8PM again. Trying to get 5 points all at once when you are already tired. Yeah kind of like a kid leaving homework till 9 at night the night before it's due. Not the best choice.

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