Friday, March 27, 2009

One day early and the challenge prize is...

Tonight DH took me to REI to pick up my prize as he was pleased with how hard I've worked on the activity points challenge. (though I still have to do 6 points tomorrow.) What was the prize you ask?

A Burley Nomad Trailer the first item purchased specifically for our bike tour. How cool is that? It was way more than anything I would have picked out for a prize for this challenge. He said I deserved it for all the hard work I did. He thought I needed a real piece of the trip as a reward. Now if the weather will cooperate maybe we can take it for a test trip to the grocery store. The weather report says maybe Sunday or Monday but heavy rain tomorrow. That's OK I don't need anything at the store tomorrow any way.

Today we did go to the pool but didn't get a lot of heavy swimming in. It's spring break here and the pool was so full that there was no way to do laps. I did get an hour of constant motion (part of it in the hot tub. LOL!) then I came home and rode the bike this evening. So I got in 6 points in but will need to do an extra point tomorrow to catch up. DH says no that I just need my 5 tomorrow but I want to do it any way. Actually I'm think I'm going to do Sunday and Monday too for 14 in a row. After that I think I will go to 5 days a week and have a couple of days of lower activity point days a week, Maybe the legs will forgive me and let me sleep for a change. they've not been horribly sore, just achy enough at night to wake me up now and then. Tuesday we will see if the exercise is still doing it's job.

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