Thursday, March 19, 2009

Last night was rough

My left leg hurt off and on (mostly on) all night. It seems to be better after getting up today.

This is the muscle that hurts, but only on the left leg. The right leg is fine. The rest of my legs were not sore but felt like they had a bit of a work out. And that was after only 18 minutes hard riding on the trainer. To make it a work out worth 5 points I'm going to have to do 28 minutes a day. Boy does that sounds painful. But I can do it!

I am also trying to decide what to do about an upper body/back work out. I don't need to be able to lift major weight, but I will be lifting my bike/trike, trailer(?) bags, camping gear etc. from time to time. I'd guess the heaviest items would be about 40 lbs, and I'd like to do it without risk of hurting myself. Pain now to save pain later.

On the positive side, even with little sleep last night due to the leg, I feel more positive about the weight loss efforts. I have great hopes that we won't be repeating the last couple of weeks weigh-ins. I really want to pass that darn 20 lb mark this week!

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