Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bike maps, giggling, sushi and house work!

I started looking for Italian bike maps and while I found some I also found several sites saying the roads are too narrow and the drivers to wild to safely share the roads with bikes. Bummer especially as I was hoping to get a recumbent trike for the trip. Hazardous conditions and even less visibility doesn't sound like a great combination. Honestly in the city any way I've been a bit scared of the drivers even in a car. I don't know how they do out side the big cities. I did find some cool links.

DD has a friend spending the far I've heard a LOT of giggling and such so I'm kind of afraid to go down stairs... We made sushi for dinner. It was fun if not professional.

I am starting to enjoy wearing my too big t-shirts. I'm not used to them being baggy and it feels nice to not have then snug anywhere! Someone once told me she was loosing weight because she was "tired of her clothes hurting her." I can see her point. Though some clothes are a bit hard to keep on if a bit big!

Last night the girls slept down stairs... It wasn't tidy before they started their little slumber party It didn't get any better for sure! tonight they are sleeping in DD's room, they can't make it much worse. While they are hiding I'm going to be cleaning in there and doing laundry. I haven't been able to get to sleep before about 2am since DH is out of town. If I'm not sleeping I may as well be doing something useful.

That's OK, he will be back Tuesday evening. Of course his sleeping pattern and mine will probably be off by 24 hours or so as Italy is 10 hours earlier and I've been 5 or 4 hours later. We will be glad he's back even if on a different schedule.

Tonight I'm going to look for a good whole wheat bread recipe. Buying the good stuff at the store is expensive. The killer will be if I can make it for low points. Wish me luck.

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