Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WW weigh-in end week 6 begining week 7

Week 6 ends with a 3.8 lb weight loss. Less impressive if averaged over 2 weeks as last week I only lost 0.2 lbs. Over all I've lost 18.8 lbs since 1/13/09. that drops me down to 219.4 lbs. which also means I lose 1 WW point this week. So I get 25 points per day and 35 "anytime" points for the week.

I'm also getting a nasty little virus that DD has had for a bout a week now. Her's seems to be improving a bit so I'm not looking forward to a week or more of sore throat coughing and sinus yuck. I've also been a bit dizzy (that woudlbe dizzier than normal) and a bit queasy for the last couple of days. Not fun.

What did I learn this week... Fiber and water are my friend. If you eat less things don't move as well. So yeah fiber and water, I've have to pay more attention to that.

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