Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feeling fat

Today I feel fat. My positive energy is just not there today. I need to fix that. I need a plan for these times. I think I need to look at where I want to be. (Full of positive energy, Thinner, not so tired) And what I'm going to do with more energy. So I'm going to think about the 2010 trip for a bit. Where to go? What do I want to see? What do I want to do?

Where to go...There are several places I'd like to go.
  • I really think that a bicycle tour of Napa Valley would be a fun. I've been there before but never where I could just go at my own pace and enjoy the scenery.
  • My friend Susan from Australia suggested Australia and that is interesting thought. I need to look at bike tours in Australia for ideas. It is a long way to go though. But definitely something I've never done before. One issue is that we talked about doing it in the summer of 2010, that would be winter 2010 there! Something to think about.
  • I've also thought Ireland would be a great place to see by bicycle. No real reason other than books I've read and the rich lore of Ireland.
  • I'd love to do New England too, though I've lived there and prime bicycle time would also be prime mosquito time too and Anna doesn't do well with Mosquitoes at all.
  • Southern in US is probably hotter than I would enjoy for Bicycling in the summer, I wonder if spring would be better if we wanted to go south. But we need some serious training time and that's not easy till spring here.
  • Of course there is always Italy, I have my own personal translator. France, Holland, any where in Europe actually, though Euro verses dollar might make an expensive trip even more expensive. I hesitate to do that as outfitting everyone with Bike gear is going to be expensive already. And transporting Bikes is expensive and can be a real chore. Damage a real hazard. The same would be true of Australia too.
  • There is Northwest coast. Near Home and very beautiful but the cliffs kind of scare me. Ditto Northern CA coast. Anna and I would have to do a lot of training on coastal mountains and near cliffs to feel comfy with that trip. I guess we'd have to train on the Oregon coast which rules out Oregon coast as a destination as we would have done it during training. So maybe Northern Ca.
  • Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier would be beautiful by Bike. Again we need lots of Mountain training for that. But the sites would be worth it! Places to stay might be a bit harder to find in our biking range.
  • I don't seem to have included any large cities type tours. I'm not sure where to go with that thought.
What to see...
  • Nature at it's finest
  • Historical sites
  • ?????????

What to Do...
  • Ride
  • Picnic
  • Enjoy being together.
  • Site Seeing
  • Learning
  • Photography... The real thing, not just point and shoot.
  • ???????

OK, I am feeling a bit better. I still have tons of work to do to earn the ride, but lots of potential reasons to want to do the ride. And I think one place to start is it';s beautiful out side so today we will go out and maybe I Can get Anna to try to ride her bike today. Running after her might just be enough effort to get me moving! Noble woods has a big grassy area that might work since she is afraid of falling. It's softer than the sidewalk any way.

*************** afternoon update ****************

DD learned to Ride her bicycle today! She did much better than I expected her to. She did take a couple of tumbles only one that left marks. She fell and bruised the back of her leg on her bicycle pedal. Normally that would have been the end of bicycle riding lessons for who knows how long. Not today! I checked it out and she got back on and rode more. She also fell into the Rosemary bush and just got up and climbed back on! I guess it was just time to do it. I'm proud of my DD she did it!

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  1. Lots of interesting ideas on places to tour. If you are looking outside the continental USA, what about Japan, or perhaps Brazil/Argentina or South Africa, for your dream bike tour? I have never been south of the equator, and it may be interesting to do some day. Alaska may also be nice, but I hear that mosquitoes are everywhere.