Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I ate less points early yesterday and more in the evening and I think it helped a bit. I managed to stay with in my Daily points Range. I feel better.

Today I may use a few extra points and celebrate with DD and have some of the See's chocolate. DD made some fudge last night to take to the homeless shelter today and I hope that they will enjoy it.

I bought a new scale as both the old ones we had were not very reliable. This one is seems more repeatable. I'll see how accurate on Tuesday when I go for weigh in. I'll settle for repeatable with the knowledge that if it's off a bit it's OK as long as it's consistent. It seems to be pretty much 1/2 way between the other 2 in general.

I checked out bike rides in Switzerland after my commenter left a message about it. OH MY! It's beautiful. and I really think most of the country is paved bike trails! It looked more like a highway system than bike trails. Loads of great bike routes and beautiful scenery. they have every thing from flat to gentle rolling hills to extreme climbs. I'm betting the biggest problems we would have are choosing which of the many rides to do and not wanting to come home! We did go camping there one year when DH did some Orienteering there. It was near Lugano. Unbelievably beautiful, clean fresh and amazing. The people were quite nice though we weren't in town much.

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