Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WW week 4 weigh-in...

Well it's been a bit challenging this week but I lost 2 lbs. for a total of 12.4 lbs down. Looking back it is slightly better than I did in week 4 when I joined WW in Dec. 2000. My challenge is going to be not back sliding next week. I'm not saying I need to keep losing 2-6 lbs like I have in the first month, just lose something. I will be happy with 1 lb but overjoyed if I can lose more than 1. I will have to know it's OK if I only lose .1/2 of a pound. Though honestly It will be harder to be excited. But down is down.I know to do this after the first month to 6 weeks I will have to work hard at it, probably harder than I have been working already. But I really want to do this and keep going this time.

I got my 5% star this week. The leader wants to talk to me about my "next" goal but I couldn't stay as I left DD home with DH and he needs to go to work. I however will set my next goal as 10% down from original weight which is 215 lbs. last time I never got to 10% down (almost but not quite) so It's a big goal for me. The next big goal after that will be to be below 200 lbs. That's a huge goal as It's been at least 25 years since I've been under 200 lbs.

For some reason I seem to really have trouble with the number 200. I so want to be less than that so why does it get so hard when you get near a goal? Oh well keep working on it I'll get there!

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