Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weigh-in end of week 4

I lost another 2.4 lbs. That brings my 4 week total up to 14.8 lbs. I was a bit surprised because at this point the last time I did WW in 2000 I actually gained and then slowed down quite a bit. it took me 7 weeks to lose what I've lost in the last 4 weeks. I'm hoping that means that I'm more focused on staying on plan than I was in 2000.

This week we talked about set points and eating out. I wasn't really impressed. Then again I don't really eat out a lot. basically a "set point" is a points value you assign to a particular Item ( always a filling food) 5 set points for meat, 6 set points for Grains and starches and 2 set points for fruits. The logic is if you eat a reasonable portion of meat it will average 5 points. You must listen to your body eat a bit stop eat a bit more etc then when you are satisfied, you count 5 points. it may or may not be exactly right but it should be close. This is an advanced skill. You need to be able to KNOW when you are satisfied not full. If you eat 2 kinds of meat at one meal you count the set point value 2 times. so surf and turf is 10 points. If you eat rice for your starch then have potatoes you get hit 2 times with the 6 points. If you eat unsweetened applesauce for a set point of 2 you can have all you want till you are satisfied but if you have bananas you have to add another set point. Set points ate only allowed on filling foods. everything else you eat you have to estimate the points on also.

Basically Set points are supposed to do a couple of things, one make eating out less stressful, two have you listen to your body while eating out. they say you can occasionally do it at home to if you don't want to whip out the measuring cups in front of friends etc. Over all I think I'd rather just count points for now. When I'm more comfortable with listening to my body I'll think about set points. I think it would be more helpful during maintenance.

I have found another side effect of WW. My reflux is pretty much GONE! I was on major expensive meds and the reflux just wouldn't go away. We were looking at having to go farther in treatment and I was not looking forward to it. A week after I started WW the reflux went away. I quit taking the meds and it hasn't come back. I can even eat some foods I couldn't before like acidic foods like lemons. I still have trouble with fried foods but since they aren't in my diet any more and I eat less at one time I just don't need the meds any more. The weight loss probably helps too but when the reflux went away, I was down less than 5 lbs, so that's not the main thing.

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