Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rambling on....

The brain is a bit foggy today so I may not make much sense. I took my DH to the airport early this morning to go to Italy. On the way home DD wanted a Bagel for breakfast so we stopped at Noah's. The were closed till 7am on Sunday it was only 6:15 so we ended up going to the grocery store and got a bagel. (hot and fresh at 6:20am) Not as good but OK. 6 points for the bagel and another 1.5 for the cream cheese. (we went very light on the cream cheese!) After a nap (big mistake) we headed for church. I forgot we were supposed to be there early for bells. Then unknown to me we had a pot luck at church. (Pot Luck's are evil!) I decided to go with one or two bites of 8 different things. I still came up with about 9 points worth of stuff. (NOTHING was healthy) After the Pot luck was Prayer Shawl meeting. It was also wear your Scout uniform to church Sunday which we also didn't know but the leader said if she wears ti next week she'll give DD the badge anyway. DD's friend R came over after church but will be going home about 4:00 so that we can be at the church again by 4:45 because tonight I'm serving food at the homeless shelter. I will wait till after dinner there to grab some salad stuff for dinner tonight. I think we will aim for an early night tonight.

I told DD that she has done really well with watching what she ate for the last 4 weeks so for today she doesn't have to worry about points. Just eat what she feels like is a reasonable meal. tomorrow she will be back to logging and counting points. I on the other hand am still counting and logging points today. I really need to keep focused.

DD has been on her bicycle today. It's on the exercise stand the the living room. I had to adjust the tension on the wheel as her wheels are smaller than Dad's and her tire wasn't touching the resistance wheel. She seems to really like it. So we will work on riding inside this week. We are expecting rain so inside is better.

The homeless shelter was simple tonight as we did soup and bread. I had to stay till the night shift arrived though.

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