Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekly Points Allowance...

The last 2 days I dipped into my Weekly Points Allowance a bit more heavily than I normally do.Not bad but not my normal on plan +/- 1 or 2 points. Yes I know that's what they are there for I just don't like using them. maybe it's time for a bit of a break from trying to be exactly on target all the time. I just think that's a slippery slope. Am I going to gain this week because I used a few more WPA's than usual? Probably not. I do have a history of thinking Ok just a bit more... and then just a bit more... then I'm back in the bad habits I started with. I've been eating more at lunch then being hungry in the evening after a lighter dinner so I'm going to try going lighter mid day and more dinner and see if that keeps me out of the kitchen in the evening.

So today is a new day. Yesterday isn't what I want to do, so today I will go back to what need to do! I need to buy more salad. I think with how much Anna and I are going through I should check out Costco! I need some good low fat, high flavor salad dressing too. I think maybe I'll do a big salad for lunch with some boiled egg( 2 points), dried cranberries( 1 point) and a few croutons(2 points) for Lunch. I need to get some more salad dressing though. Everything I have left is too much fat or old and needs to be tossed. I made stock so maybe a nice hearty soup for dinner. Something I can fill up on and it will last a while.

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