Friday, February 6, 2009


For some reason I seem to be agitated and unable to settle and focus today. DD had archery today. This afternoon we both have a cooking class Cooking with Caprial and John at Caprial's Westmoreland Kitchen. I'm not sure what we will be cooking but hopefully I will be busy enough to settle down and not fidget the whole class.

It will be interesting to see how I count points for tasting stuff while there. I still have all 35 weekly points so that isn't a problem. But how do you estimate points for something you don't have a recipe for? Well I guess that it's you estimate. Since this is a home school class I'm wondering if they will do kid friendly stuff.

I seem to be calming down a bit. I hope to relax enough to enjoy the class.


The class was pretty basic. It was a "kid friendly "menu.
Yogurt and granola parfaits - they showed us how to make yogurt.
Bacon and Onion Fritatta's - very basic
Chocolate Orange Pull apart's - the glaze on the bottom was too sweet even for DD and the top was hard I'd say crunchy rather than crispy.

Over all I'd give them a C+. If I counted how many points blown on so so food I'd definitely have to lower it a bit. I figured that the parfait's were about 5 points the fritata with all the butter and bacon and cheese was about 7 and the pull aparts well they don't count as we didn't eat much of them but the thoughts scares me. Now remember I set my days menu yesterday. So here's what I ended up with.

5 points for Breakfast
Fruit salad, fresh, 2pts,
WW Toast 1 pt,
Milk 2 pts.
OK that stays the same...

7 points for Lunch
Salad 2 cups 0 pts
BBQ Ranch Dressing 3pts
Boiled egg 2 pts
Imitation bacon bits 1 tsp 0 pts
Veggie Soup(2 cups) 2pts

I forgot about DDs' archery so quickly through together the salad but skipped the soup so 2 less points and 2 less veggies.

9.5 points for Dinner
Chicken thigh boneless skinless Oven Fried 4 pts
Baked Potato 6 oz 3 pts
Broccoli 1 cup 0 pts
Cheese sauce 3 tbsp 1pts
Sweet chili sauce 2 tbsp 1.5 points

Replace that with the fritata and a few bites of the pull apart for about 8
points losing the veggies. That killed my well balanced dinner plan. So that's not enough veggies and close to right on points.

Oh well I'll try again tomorrow. That's one of the good things about WW. If you don't have a good day you just scratch it and start over the next day.

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