Thursday, February 5, 2009

I really am having trouble figuring out the food thing.

I'm not stupid. But balancing the tight rope that is balanced nutrition vs controlled calories vs hunger, I'm not doing very well. I know WW is supposed to help you with this. Check off so many Veggies/Fruits, Whole grains, Milk, Oil, Water etc. They keep telling me to check my hunger level. Sorry I'm not hungry. I wasn't hungry for breakfast till nearly noon. I had only a low point snack for lunch and a regular dinner. I had 10 points left at the end of dinner. I was full. That said my food choices for the day weren't the best. So what did I do with the extra 10 points? I ate chocolate. 8.5 points of chocolate! I didn't even enjoy it. Well the first couple of bites I enjoyed after that I just felt guilty for eating it.

I need to plan better. I need to take the time and figure out the weeks menu for all meals. I need to sort it all out and just do it. But darn it I've got a life to deal with, and it's not easy to drop everything , change a whole mindset and figure out how to make this work.

That said I will do it. It's going to take some time to get it right. So I'll start now and plan tomorrow out today.

5 points for Breakfast
Fruit salad, fresh, 2pts,
WW Toast 1 pt,
Milk 2 pts.

7 points for Lunch
Salad 2 cups 0 pts
BBQ Ranch Dressing 3 pts
Boiled egg 2 pts
Imitation bacon bits 1 tsp 0 pts
Veggie Soup(2 cups) 2pts

9.5 points for Dinner
Chicken thigh boneless skinless Oven Fried 4 pts
Baked Potato 6 oz 3 pts
Broccoli 1 cup 0 pts
Cheese sauce 3 tblsp 1pts
Sweet chili sauce 2 tlbsp 1.5 points

I need still needed
8 fruits and veggies
2 milks
2 healthy oils
2 lean meats

I have
7 fruits and veggies
1 milk
2 healthy oils
2 lean meats

Points used

Still needed
1 fruits and veggies
1 milk

So I need to add a snack of 2 fruits/veggies and one milk must total 5.5 points or less.

5 prunes 1 pts
Milk 2 pts

OK that got me everything required with in my points. I'm wondering, How do people do it if their target points are 18? Add a lot of activity points? Or use all their weekly extra points maybe.

That is one day and it only took me... 45 minutes. I gotta get faster at this meal balancing/planning thing.

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