Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chocolate Oh Chocolate! or How do you handle Valentines day?

In an effort to help DD understand that it is OK to eat foods that are not WW friendly, just don't do it often, I gave in and we went to pick up a Valentines day treat for our selves at See's candy. Lets say they don't make moderation easy. So how do we work Chocolate into a WW diet?

Not so well actually. Just walking into the store they accost you with samples. 4 more times they offered samples. I ate 2 and turned down the rest. Then you wait in line with a flier that describes all the candies, supposedly to help you decide... mostly to talk you into ordering too much. So we got a 1 lb box of chocolates. I haven't been able to find good nutritional Information for each type if you calculate the average from a 1 lb assorted box it's 2 points per piece or about 150 to 175 calories per 2 pieces with about 10 grams of fat. a 1 lb box of chocolates has 20 - 24 pieces of chocolate in it. I don't know about DD's, but my 1/2 a box is going to have to last me a long time since it's an extra 20 or more points! Sure I could just use extra points but I'm thinking that doing that will bring my losses to a slow crawl or even an abrupt halt! One piece a day max. Oh but it will be a yummy 1 piece a day. Hum maybe instead of one a day I can do 2 or 3 once a week with a nice glass of milk. That may be a better idea.

DD said a friend was talking about giving chocolate up for lent. After thinking about it she proposed giving up TV for 6 weeks to be a better choice. After all she says "Girls gotta have chocolate." I wonder if she counts DVDs on the computer as watching TV?

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